Junior Livestock

Shiawassee County Junior Livestock Association or JLA supports the youths of Shiawassee County by helping in coordinating the Showmanship Sweepstakes Contests, Champions’ Row and the Livestock Auctions at the Shiawassee County Fair. Offering youths the chance to show off their accomplishments they make at the fair and as well as become entrepreneurs with their farm animals. With a great supportive community that prides itself on serving the youths of Shiawassee County as they grow and become members of our agricultural community, the Junior Livestock Association is a wonderful group to join.

  1. The Auction
    The Auction
  2. The Auction
    The Auction
  3. Champions at Auction
    Champions at Auction
  4. Champions at Auction
    Champions at Auction
  5. Champions at Auction
    Champions at Auction
  6. Champions at auctions
    Champions at auctions

Jr. Livestock Association Board

President..........................Todd Janicek 

Vice-President...................Dan Dohr

Secretary...........................Beth Wilson 

Treasurer..........................Michelle Perry &
                                      Jocelyn Janicek

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Livestock Auction

  1. Managing Director

Junior Livestock Auction is Friday of Fair Week held in the Main Indoor Arena. See fair schedule for times. Auction packets and sign up can be picked up at the Junior Livestock show office located inside the Main Indoor Arena the week of Fair.

For more information contact the MSU extension at:

Phone: 989-743-2251

Shiawassee County Agricultural Society mission is to provide the best county fair possible for all residents of Shiawassee County.  This primary focus will serve as a showcase of the talents of the youth of the community by providing a means of education, exhibits, fun, and competition of various livestock and non-livestock projects in which the youth are involved.  The Shiawassee County Fair will highlight the heritage of the community and its ties to agricultural and business, that are the backbone of the community. The Society shall also host and promote non-fair events that will aid in the sustaining of the society, while keeping in focus the overall mission of the society.