Friends of the Fair

Create a Legacy at the Shiawassee County Fair

A Simple Purchase

      Over 30 years ago, the Shiawassee County Fair Board of Directors made the decision to move the Fair from its location in McCurdy Park in Corunna MI to its current location on Hibbard Road.  Approximately 150 individuals and civic groups made this move possible by "Purchasing" an acre of Land. This "Buy an Acre" program enabled the Board to purchase 127 acres to call our permanent home.

Donation Plans

A lot has happened since then!

​       We have now grown to become considered one of the premier fairs in the State of Michigan. As well as a very desirable location for other events such as Horse shows, Dog shows, Tractor Pulls and even Relay for Life.

       We are coming upon another landmark moment in our history here at the Shiawassee County Fair. With the continued growth of our youth exhibit programs and events, we need to expand our buildings and improve the infrastructure of our facilities.

​       ​$1000 Lifetime Friend​​

  • Provides two (2) lifetime passes to the Fair
  • Provides two (2) lifetime passes to the Grandstands

       ​$500 Lifetime Friend

  • ​Provides two (2) lifetime passes to the Fair

  (Passes for both plans must be in two different individuals' names.)

Your Help is Needed!


​       Once again, we are offering an opportunity to share in the excitement of the Shiawassee County Fair that will last for a lifetime! We are offering two (2) tax-deductible contribution plans of either a $1000 donation or a $500 donation to the Shiawassee County Friends of the Fair.

​       Applications for Friends of the Fair can be picked up at the Fair Office during business hours. 

A wonderful gift for Friends, Children, and Grandchildren!

Shiawassee County Agricultural Society mission is to provide the best county fair possible for all residents of Shiawassee County.  This primary focus will serve as a showcase of the talents of the youth of the community by providing a means of education, exhibits, fun, and competition of various livestock and non-livestock projects in which the youth are involved.  The Shiawassee County Fair will highlight the heritage of the community and its ties to agricultural and business, that are the backbone of the community. The Society shall also host and promote non-fair events that will aid in the sustaining of the society, while keeping in focus the overall mission of the society.