Fair Book

With a variety of classes to choose from there is always something for everyone at the Shiawassee County Fair. Choose from Needlework to Cake Decorating to Horse Riding there is so much to pick from for all ages to do.

Please read our rules for "eligibility to show" carefully as there are restictions on some classes.

2019 Exhibitor Guides were mailed out ​
Monday, May 6th to all of our 2018 Exhibitors

For Fair Entry Forms and Questions about Class Sign Up stop by the Fair Office during Office Hours or call us at:

Phone: 989-743-3611

Shiawassee County Agricultural Society mission is to provide the best county fair possible for all residents of Shiawassee County.  This primary focus will serve as a showcase of the talents of the youth of the community by providing a means of education, exhibits, fun, and competition of various livestock and non-livestock projects in which the youth are involved.  The Shiawassee County Fair will highlight the heritage of the community and its ties to agricultural and business, that are the backbone of the community. The Society shall also host and promote non-fair events that will aid in the sustaining of the society, while keeping in focus the overall mission of the society.