Shiawassee County Agricultural Society

    The Shiawassee County Agricultural Society has a rich tradition with the community and family. As our Mission Statement states, we strive to bring the best county fair to our community and help provide our youths with a place to show their talents. Through the many fun competitions, exhibits, and education they have with the various livestock and non-livestock projects they are involved with throughout the year. The SCAS works hard all year long to help find exciting and miraculous events to bring to the grounds to inspire and spark wonder in the youths in our community to the world we live in.

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Membership Dues

    So you are interested in joining the Shiawassee County Agricultural Society to help support the Shiawassee County Fair.  Membership is open to any resident of Shiawassee County, and/or a land owner in Shiawassee County who is over 18 years of age.  Membership includes voting privileges at the Annual Dinner Meeting, held the first Sunday in December every year. 

Individuals who are not residents or land owners in Shiawassee County but who live in the Youth Residency Area (Green Zone) are eligible to become Associate Members, but will have no voting rights.

The members believe in the value of the Fair and provide support in many ways; we hope that you will join us in this worthwhile effort and continue the tradition of the Fair.  

​Individual:  $6.00

​Couple:     $10.00

To Become a Member stop by the Fair Office during Office Hours and Fill out an Application.

Shiawassee County Agricultural Society mission is to provide the best county fair possible for all residents of Shiawassee County.  This primary focus will serve as a showcase of the talents of the youth of the community by providing a means of education, exhibits, fun, and competition of various livestock and non-livestock projects in which the youth are involved.  The Shiawassee County Fair will highlight the heritage of the community and its ties to agricultural and business, that are the backbone of the community. The Society shall also host and promote non-fair events that will aid in the sustaining of the society, while keeping in focus the overall mission of the society.